What is Angel Investing

Angel investing supports high growth ventures by providing them with seed and startup capital. Investments typically range from $50,000 to $500,000 provided by multiple angel investors, who each invest an amount of their own choosing, typically between $5,000 and $200,000. Investors collaborate to perform due diligence prior to committing to the round, but there is no obligation on any investor to participate in any particular deal and each investor is responsible for ensuring that the due diligence is done to their satisfaction.
Angle Investing - Idea
Angle Investing - Idea

Thinking of Becoming an Angel Investor?

For further information please check out our page on the steps to join the Suncoast Angels – the code of conduct and the application form. Step 1 is to come along to one of the Pitch Evenings and see it if is something you would like. (Click Here)