Entrepreneurs Pitch

What we look for

Entrepreneurial ventures that are suitable for angel investment meet the following criteria:
  • Located on the Sunshine Coast
  • Seeking $50,000 or more in funding
  • Can demonstrate a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Are a high growth business
  • Have an easily scalable business model
  • Address a compelling market need and/or demand
  • Have a coachable management team
  • Can demonstrate the ability to deliver a return on investment of greater than 7x in 5 to 7 years

What is the Process

We ask you to go through the following process to allow SunCoast Angels to assess your application. We will not consider an application that does not include the minimum information. This is part of the process of being “Investment Ready” and is typical of most investment applications.
  • A one page Company Executive Summary
  • A 10 to 12 slide pitch deck that has all the relevant information for your investment proposal.
If you don’t have these, you will need support from persons other than Suncoast Angels to get your pitch ready. (see Resources for Entrepreneurs). When you have the primary documents, the next steps in the process are:
  • Create a profile on the software system called Gust. (Click on the Apply Now Button)
  • Upload the 2 documents and other relevant information.
  • Include information as requested.
  • Once you have submitted your application to SunCoast Angels, a preliminary assessment by the Suncoast Angels management committee will take place.
  • If the committee agrees then, you will be invited to a pre-screening meeting.
  • Once you pass that, you will be invited to present to investors at one of our monthly meetings. (See Download Presentation Process for details)

What Happens After Your Presentation?

After the presentation to investors the following process takes place if there is interest by investors.
  • One of the interested investors will need to agree to be the “Deal Lead”.
  • They will put together a term sheet and due diligence team.
  • A due diligence process will occur.
  • If there is a term sheet agreed, and DD passes, then documentation and investment will follow.
The process may take some time. Twelve weeks is a typical time-frame. Often the entrepreneur has focused all their efforts on the product or service and not focused on this part of the journey of creating passion and excitement with investors.

Due Diligence Process

DD is a critical step within this process. Documentation may include:
  • Business plan
  • CVs of you and your staff
  • Financial statements
  • Statutory and legal documents detailing your company setup
  • Existing shareholder details, ASIC records.
  • Debt documentation, funding, and full financial plans
  • Intellectual property, – patents, ownership of names, trademarks etc.
  • This list is generally quite long and may take some time to pull together so start the process.

Need More Clarification About Pitching?

Resources For Entrepreneurs

If you have prepared your one pager, and a pitch deck then please click on the “Apply for Funding” button above and follow the process to create your own Entrepreneur Gust Profile, filling out all the details and then upload your one pager and slide deck.

The Sunshine Coast has a great range of resources.  A good resource is on the Sunshine Coast Regional Council website at this address. Check it out for a list of coworking spaces. If you want to meet entrepreneur groups then page is here at the Sunshine Coast Council.

Suncoast Angels do not provide  development of investment documentation.  There are many on the Sunshine Coast who can help you.  Support from the Sunshine Coast Innovation Center, the Peregian Digital Hub, Co-Working Spaces, RDA, Digital Sunshine Coast, coaches, mentors, #SCRIPT, or good business friends will assist you to prepare these documents.  We have contacts on the Sunshine Coast who may help you for this process if the above list is not complete.

If you want to provide services to entrepreneurs, send us an email and we can add to our list of mentors and coaches.

Contact Us by email (If Needed)

If you require some help to clarify the process, contact us at  or use the contact form below